About Ragdolls

The Wonderful Ragdoll Cat Breed

If you are here reading this you have probably already done some research into the Ragdoll breed.  If you have not then I will tell you a little about the breed.

They are large, floppy, sweet and super soft.  They are “the cat for dog people” because of their unusual (for a cat) need and wanting to be around their people…yes I did say “their people” because you do not own a ragdoll…they own YOU!  They follow you when you get up to go to another room, if by chance they are not on your lap, they come and “check in” often to see what you are doing. They are not the typical cat that disappears all day to be alone, they love you and want to be with you as much as they can.

They should be an “indoor cat” only, simply because of their sweetness and not tending to be great a defending themselves from predators.  Don’t get me wrong…ours will put each other and our dogs in their place if needed, but they really should be kept inside. They do however do very well out on a leash for a walk….again just like a dog!!

A typical ragdoll is also very relaxed and “floppy”….hence the ragdoll name….floppy like a ragdoll.

The site below gives a standard of the Ragdoll cat according to TICA which is where all our cats are registered through.


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