Recent Forever Homes

This sweet boy Red has gone to his forever home with Sally and Kevin and big Ragdoll brother Rio in Fort Collins Colorado,  So happy for this guy!

Charity         Charity

Charity is back, she is a loving and very playful little girl.

This is Simon he is a Bicolor Seal Point.

This handsome little boy is Keith, he is a Blue Point.

This is Paula she is a Bicolor Seal Point. 

This is Ryan he is a Bicolor Seal Point.

This is Randy and he is a Bicolor Seal Point.

This is a Sweet little boy is Luke, he is a Blue Point.

This beautiful boy Appolo found a home with Amy.


This is Holly, she went home with Tyne on 2/15/2020


Above kitty is Sundance he is going home with Steph and Bruno.


Above is  Jessie.


Above kitty is Heather. 



Benny Went to Alan in Genisee


Mary Jane (MJ for short), found her forever home in Longmont, Colorado.


Above kitten is Beauty, who will be going to live with Christina and Family!


Above kitty, Gabe will be going to his forever home in Colorado with Angelina and family in July!!!


This sweet girl, Bailey went to her forever home today with Sandy and family…she is going to be one loved and spoiled kitten I can tell!!


Above kitty is Blaze and she has found her forever home with Megan and family in New Mexico!


This sweet boy is going to live with Kathy and family on July 2, they have named her Coco!!  He is going to well loved and spoiled by Kathy and he grandkids!!


Super happy for this sweet girl Dot, she went to her new home with Linda and family in Colorado!!


Ariel has found her forever home after Mark and Amy found her for Amy’s  mom!!

Below are kittens from last years litters!  They are all grown up now!!


Above sisters Elsa and Anna went together to their forever home with Holle and family in New Hampshire, they had a long flight but did great!!

Above kitten is Bailey, she has found her forever home with Emily and family on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.  She will have 3 kids to grow up with and spoil her rotten!!

Sweet little Gracie (now Duchess) found her forever home with Alice in Oregon.  Alice has had 3 past Ragdoll babies all of which lived long lives 18+!!  Alice knows and loves this breed and Duchess is going to have a great life!!


Above kitten is Nemo, he found his forever home with Alexis in Colorado!!

Above kittie Taz, has gone to his forever home with Andrew and family in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He is going to have a big brother kittie and a dog to grow up with!!

Dixie has gone to her forever home with Terri in Colorado, she will have a big brother Ragdoll Oscar to show her the ropes!!


Cassie has found her forever home with Michelle in Paul in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  She will have 2 big ragdoll brothers!!  Thank you Michelle and Paul, and an even bigger thank you to Paul for serving in our Military and keeping us all safe!  We so appreciate YOU!!


Ice has found his forever home with Ziven in Boulder, Colorado!  Enjoy this sweet little lap kitty!!


This is Bella, she went to live in Nevada with Charlotte and her family!


This is Riley (formerly known as Stewie), he went to live with a great family in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Thank you Cindy and Larry for giving him a great home!


Luna found her forever home in Utah with Barbie!  She is going to be a spoiled girl!


Lucy went to Texas with Anthony and family.  She has a little girl who is going to raise her and has vowed to be “a responsible pet owner”  how sweet is that!!


Shane….our sweet Shane!  He was a hard one to let go.  So sweet and loving.  He went to live with Ralph and Bertha..he will be spoiled rotten!


Dora has found her forever home with Hattie and family in Longmont, Colorado!!  Enjoy your new babie!  Dora has been named Cleo by her forever family!


So happy to say that Ray and Claire get to go together to a wonderful lady in Colorado!  Thank you so much Victoria, these kitties are going to be so loved and spoiled!

Sara found her forever home with Nathan here in Denver.


Reggie is going to Corey in Arvda.


This is Howard he is a male bicolor Seal Point, he is also very nicely marked.


This is Leonard he is a male bi-color Seal Point, very nicely marked.


This is Sheldon he is a bi-color Seal Point, has a white tipped ear.


This is Penny she is a bi-color Seal Point, the only girl of the litter.


This little girl we call Lily, she is a seal bi-color. She is nicely marked.


This little girl is Donna, she is a mitted seal point.


This little girl is Ruby, she is a seal bicolor. She has some darker spots on back legs.


This little boy is Red, He is a Flame point. He is very playful and loving.


This little girl is Adele, she is a seal bi-color. she is a little sweetheart.


This little boy is Jack, he is a seal bi-color. He is very playful.


This little girl is Pepper, she is hard to tell the pattern. I would say mitted seal point. She is a lover always on my lap.


This is Samson (Sam for short)  He was our beautiful King who gave us many gorgeous babies.  So happy to say that Sam has found his forever home  with Kerry in California!!


This little girl is Marie, she is a mitted seal point. she is getting over an eye infection. She is one of the most outgoing.